Churros, Rotis y Diversión

Productos Churroti: Café, Churros y Roti
Franquicias Churroti

Churros, Rotis and Fun

Productos Churroti: Café, Churros y Roti
Churroti franchise

Tasty and Funny

Churroti  is a new concept unifying a brand new way to ellaborate the famous spanish dessert "Churro" and the asian coffee bun "roti". This combo will be irresistible for all kind of people.

The founders of Churroti have over 20 years of franchise experience, leading the oppening of more than 200 different businesses.

This experience will allow them to develop a brand new concept of business in the current market, offering a wide range of flavours and funny momments to its client

puntos Churroti

New concept

The success of our franchise comes from this new concept of business and the original way to carry it out. Churroti has succeeded in keeping the tradition of the famous “churros” and at the same time, giving him a new funny way of presentation.

The purpose of the franchise is showing everyone how the traditional churro can be something else than just the bundle churro-chocolate on the weekends. This typical spanish dessert won´t be just a morning snack but a funny sweet to have at any time of the day.

Universe of textures and flavours

In Churroti, the clients will have every taste they can imagine in a in a fun and interactive enviroment.

We are open to all and welcome people from the youngest to the eldest of the family. We offer the possibility of customizing your "churros”" however you wish, mixing the ingredients you like the most.

Churroti and its universe of textures and flavours is waiting for you, a space full of fun and surprises.

its franchisees

Our team will help you in every stage, proving their high experience.

Our products, based in a proven formula, will be offered as our standards require.

Our goal is a high quality standard, subject to a constant supervisión and  improvement.

Our advantage is a brand new business model, not seen before.

Churroti offers a training programme to its franchisees, once the sales point is open. 
In addition, the head office will be always providing continous advice to whoever will need it.

Searching the best location sales point, if needed

Launch campaign for the sales point in the reference area (budget covered by the franchisee).

Correct used of the Franchise Manual. The head office will inform regularly to its franchisees with all of the modifications of the processes, if this occurs.

Will provide with all of the sales aids involved.

Ensuring the proper function of the business. The head office will follow up each one of the sales point in order to optimize the business and our very own work system for Churroti.

Our added value